Twitter sidebar for Octopress

Since Twitter has decommissioned the old Twitter API, the Twitter sidebar in Octopress based blogs has stopped working. A few blogs have started to add the new Twitter widget to the sidebar but its quite garish.

My solution just copies the Google Plus sidebard and re-formats for Twitter - just refer the bottom right in the sidebar of this page to see it in action

New sidebar file

Create a new file source/_includes/custom/asides/twitter2.html

{% if site.twitter_user %}
  <section class="twitter2">
      <a href="{{ site.twitter_user }}">
        <img src="" width="32" height="32">
          {{ site.twitter_user }}
{% endif %}


Update the sass/partials/sidebar/_googleplus.scss and add in

  @extend .googleplus;

Note: I’m not using the googleplus class for the new twitter sidebar as it causes problem for my Octopress / Google Plus comments javascript


In _config.yml add the new sidebar file to the default_asides

default_asides: [custom/asides/twitter2.html, ...

Remove the original asides/twitter.html from the default_asides: line

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