Trello big edit

If you use alot like myself, and add lots (pages) of information in the card description section you’ll find the small card window a real pain to use.

To fix this I whipped up a quick firefox/chrome userscript to make the card edit window full screen, code is below


You can grab this extension from the Google Chrome webstore:

Or you can grab the extension from GitHub. Just download it to your PC, open the Extension section in Chrome and drag this file in, Done

Note: This extension was listed as “Trello : Big Edit’ in the Chrome store but Trello asked me to change the name


Easiest way to add this into Firefox is to



// ==UserScript==
// @name           Trello : Big Edit
// @author         Justin Kelly @_justin_kelly
// @version        2
// @include*
// @include*
// ==/UserScript==
cssString = ' '+
    '.window{ '+
    '   left:0px !important; ' +
    '   top:0px !important; ' +
    '   width:100% !important; '+
    '} '+
    ' '+
    '.window-main-col '+
    '{ '+
    '   width:80% !important; '+
    '} '+
    '.window-main-col .edit textarea.field '+
    '{ '+
    '   min-height:492px; '+
    '} '+
    '.window-wrapper{ '+
    '   height: 100%; '+
    '} ';
// Function to insert CSS
function insertCSS(cssToInsert) {
    var head=document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0];
    var style=document.createElement('style');

Justin Kelly

Justin Kelly

Web Developer, Business Analytics, Data Engineer specialising in PHP and Tableau

Based in Melbourne, Australia

Feel free to contact me or _justin_kelly


Flávio Lima

Thank you very much for this extension! I also think there was a lot of space not being used on the standard card view, especially considering I use several checklists on each card. Having to scroll up and down all the time was a real pain.

This is probably more than a simple extension can do, but do you think maybe you could add a funcionality that divides the card view in columns? Like, for example, the add buttons (members, labels, checklists, etc.) could be on the right hand side, where they already are; description, attachments and checklists could be on the left-hand side, while comments could be in the middle column.

The ideal scenario would be one in which you could drag and drop these elements to certain places on the card, like you can do now with checklists (albeit only vertically), but I know this is probably something only the developers at Trello could implement. Doesn’t hurt to ask, though.

Again thank you very much for this extension!


Justin Kelly

Thanks Flávio, great suggestions! especially on wide screens there should be plenty of space to make the view into columns

Unfortunately I’m not using Trello to much any more - but if I do I’ll look into this idea



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