PHP remove trailing and leading zeros

I couldn’t find a nice number clean function for php for remove leading and trailing zeros (and trailing decimal points) so hear is function number_clean, enjoy :)


* Function: number_clean
* Purpose: Remove trailing and leading zeros - just to return cleaner number
public function number_clean($num){ 

  //remove zeros from end of number ie. 140.00000 becomes 140.
  $clean = rtrim($num, '0');
  //remove zeros from front of number ie. 0.33 becomes .33
  $clean = ltrim($clean, '0');
  //remove decimal point if an integer ie. 140. becomes 140
  $clean = rtrim($clean, '.');

  return $clean;

Justin Kelly

Justin Kelly

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thx ! I added to mine :

if (empty($clean)) return ‘0’; if ($clean[0]===’.’) return ‘0’ . $clean;

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