Mozilla Bespin + Subversion = wow!

when mozilla first launched bespin - a browser based text editor - i was interested but a number of required features were still lacking

now that bespin supports various version control systems (Subversion, Mercurial, and more on the way) its well on the way to becoming a very useful coding text editor

bespin can now checkout and commit changes to your SVN or Hg repo<

is this useful ?

  • being able to work (edit, add, delete files ) with SVN via a browser is a killer feature
    • making bespin the perfect alternative text editor when you’re not on your normal PC
  • no need to setup svn, eclipse, vi etc.. on each PC you work on
    • just set it up in bespin and you can access it from anywhere !!

below: bespin in action

if you havent checked out bespin from mozilla labs i suggest you take a look

note: post to follow on how to use bespin with google code (svn)

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