Motorola grip shell for Moto G review

Following on from my review of the Cruzerlite case for the Moto G the second case from MobileZap is the Motorola Grip Shell.

The Grip Shell has semi-hard back and rubberised frame. It covers the side buttons, which does takes away from the tactile feedback of pressing the buttons, however they do make the buttons easier to press compared to the Cruzerlite case.

This is a very slimline case that replaces the back plate of the Moto G, which means you have to pry off the Moto G back plate. This isn’t that hard, just an extra step to put the grip shell on.

The Good

  • The slim line design and replacment of the back plate greatly reduces the bulk that the case adds.
  • The rubber edges provide an extra layer of protection and add some grip to the phone as the name suggests.
  • Looks much nicer than similar no name brand cases.

The Bad

  • If you’re after a case that will protect your Moto G from drops onto concrete, this isn’t the one for you. It will protect again minor drops and scratches but that’s about it.
  • Having to remove the back plate may put some people off as its a bit hard do to and the moldings over the buttons cheapen the feel on the Moto G
  • The material on the back the case is very similar to the orignal back of the Moto G but can does show marks from your hands and fingers in certain lighting.


If you’re not prone to dropping your phone and are after a slim line case that protect against scratches, wear and tear. This is the one for you.

I prefer the Cruzerlite case but I’ve seen my phone laying in parts all over the street before so for me the extra protection the Cruzerlite offers out weights the added bulk.


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