MongoDB php driver install for Ubuntu 9.10 UNR without pear/pecl

To manually install the MongDB PHP drivers without pear/pecl follow the below steps

install required php tools

sudo apt-get install php5-dev

grab the driver


unzip and install

cd mongodb-mongo-php-driver-a54a5f7/
sudo make install

the above step should place the file in your php extensions directory, but it didn’t when i tried - to manually copy the driver follow the below steps

find the php extensions directory

php -i | grep extension_dir

copy the driver to that directory

sudo cp modules/ /usr/lib/php5/20060613+lfs/

now create the php mongo config file create/open the below file in vi

sudo vi /etc/php5/conf.d/mongo.ini 

and paste in the below configuration
; If the driver should reconnect to mongo
mongo.auto_reconnect = true
; Whether to allow persistent connections
mongo.allow_persistent = On
; Maximum number of persistent connections (-1 means unlimited)
mongo.max_persistent = -1
; Maximum number of links (persistent and non-persistent, -1 means unlimited)
mongo.max_connections = -1
; Default host for mongo connection
mongo.default_host = localhost
; Default port for mongo database
mongo.default_port = 42
; When saving files to the database, size of chunks to split them into
mongo.chunk_size = 1024
; Specify an alternate character to $ to use for special db functions ($set, $push, etc.)
mongo.cmd = "$"

save the above file and close, now check php and ensure that it has picked up the mongo driver and configuration

php -re mongo

assuming the above is OK restart apache

sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

your now all done - enjoy mongodb and php

Justin Kelly

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