Make broadcom wifi work perfect in ubuntu

If your unlucky enough to have a Broadcom wireless chip integrated into your laptop and your trying to get it to work in Ubuntu/Linux there is only one way to make wifi work 100% perfectly.

  1. Uninstall the proprietary Broadcom drivers, use sudo jockey-gtk
  2. Disable Integrated wifi in the bios
  3. Buy a TP-Link TL-WN721N usb wifi card

I’ve tried a few wifi devices usb and pci-express but the TP-Link TL-WN721N just works - tested in various version of Ubuntu

No drivers to install, nothing to config, just plug it in, boot up and Ubuntu can see and connect to your wifi as it’s supposed it

If you have any issues with Ubuntu\Linux and integrated wifi, don’t bother messing around with the configs or compat-kernels - just buy the tp-link usb - it’ll save you hours.

Other similar tp-link usb cards use different chipsets - so make sure you get the TL-WN721N

I’ve also tried the pci-expresscard based DWA-643 it looks to ‘just work’ starts fine - lights up, sees all wifi networks but not once could I get it to connect to any wifi networks - no matter the security setup - just didnt work :(

Both the tp-link and d-link use the open source Atheros code - before you buy any other models check to see if its listed as ‘just works’ in the linked wiki pages below:

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