hp mini 2140 HD + linux mint : finally a great netbook - why the freak is HP making it so hard to get one

just got a hp mini 2140 HD netbook

finally a great netbook with high-res (1366 x 768) HD display, 6 cell battery, linux, great keyboard, and metal/brushed aluminium case

for whatever reason HP AU has made is almost impossible to get one of these.   all agents and hp call centre people I spoke to said only the low res (SD) model was available and that the HD “might” be available in a few months

thanks for unwoken for the whirlpool forums for forwarding me the details of the only p au staff who is willing sell me one of these - from searches and forum posting there s so much demand for this model - can’t see why hp is hiding them

the ordered model came with novell/suse linux - but if you want a great netbook - just grab the latest linux mint and everything with work perfect

HP USA seems to have discontinued the 2140 in favour of the 5150 - but the 2 can’t compare

also refer http://youtube.com/watch?v=xX2kC13Lf7g

quick summary


  • best netbook going around
  • great keyboard
  • great build quality
  • come with linux - if you ask


  • impossible to get the HD model in AUS
  • those bloody LED lights at the front are way to bright

if your lucky still might be able to get one from the US via www.priceusa.com.au

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