Google Plus photos extension for non Chromebook Pixels

Earlier today Google released a new Chrome extension for Google+ Photos that only works on the new Chromebook Pixel.

I’ve been after the functionality of this extension for my non-Pixel PCs/laptops. So quickly unminifed the source code, removed the pixel only limiation and loaded in Chrome.

The extension works fine - but may be missing some features that are in the Pixel version.

I’ve uploaded this extension to GitHub but won’t be uploading to the chrome webstore or distributing a .crx for it. Installation instructions are below.

ReadMe from GitHub


  • The original extensions javascript has been unminified and adjusted so that it not starts on a non Chromebook Pixel


  • Download
  • In Chrome open chrome://flags and Enable ‘Experimental Extensions APIs’
    • refer screenshot below
  • In Chrome Manage Extensions page enable ‘Developer mode’
    • refer 1. in screenshot below
  • Then click ‘Load unpacked extension’ and choose the folder for this git repo


Once installed you can now launch Google+ Photos from your Chrome apps menu, refer below screenshot of startup in Win 7

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