Google Chrome script to clean up the UI of is a great minimalist bookmarking service.  I moved to Pinboard at the start of the year and have never looked back to Delicious.

One issue i have with pinboard though is that in the bookmark listing, minimal though it is is still to bulky and padded out.

I’ve uploaded to a Chrome user script / Firefox greasemonkey script to clean up the UI of


Removed sections of the Pinboard UI

  • star
  • when 
  • footer
  • timer
  • pinboard logo
  • description 
  • line breaks in the bookmark section


  • background of private bookmarksed changed to white - like a normal bookmark
  • Padding and margins removed from each bookmark
  • Bulk edit margins remove   Screenshot of Pinboard pre script

Screenshot of Pinboard post script

To install


You need to install Greasemonkey: Then restart Firefox and click


Just click  and chrome will install it as en extension


  • For chrome uses I have created an extension refer:
  • May 24, 2010 : Version .2 uploaded to google - body now set as display:inline to fix some small display issues   Source is hosted at bitbucket:

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