Google Chrome plugin: showPnx for Exlibris Primo

If you deal with PNX records and ExLibris Primo I’ve created a Google Chrome pluging to make your life easier.  

This plugin allows you to easily display the ExLibris Primo PNX record when in a full display of a record in Primo. 

See the images below for example of this plugin in action

To install

  1. Install Google Chrome as your browser
  2. Install the XML plugin from:
  3. Install this plugin from:

To use

  1. Open the full display of a record in Primo in Google Chrome
  2. Click the new PNX button in the top right of the browser toolbar - next to the url
  3. The PNX will now auto open in a new tab
  4. Enjoy :)


Available via Hg at

Justin Kelly

Justin Kelly

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