dropbox as an apache folder

Create an apache config file for dropbox

sudo vi /etc/http/conf.d/dropbox.conf

paste in the below code - replacing ‘username’ with your user

Alias /dropbox /home/username/Dropbox/htdocs 
<Directory /home/username/Dropbox/htdocs/>
   order allow,deny
   allow from all
   #Deny from all
   allow from

Create a htdocs folder in your dropbox directory

mkdir /home/username/Dropbox/htdocs 

Allow Apache access to your home dir

chmod 755 /home/username 
chmod 755 /home/username/Dropbox 
chmod 755 /home/username/Dropbox/htdocs 

Reload the Apache conf

sudo /etc/init.d/httpd reload

Done, now http://localhost/dropbox is stored in dropbox

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