Cruzerlite case for Moto G review

After picking up a couple of Motorola Moto G phones on the weekend I set about looking for a couple of different covers for them so as to not destroy yet another phone. The good guys over at MozileZap set over a couple of cases to review.

The first up is the Cruzerlite Bugdroid case.

The Good

  • Looks great, made of a hard rubber so its strong and will bounce if needed.
  • Nice and thick material. Doesn’t feel cheap or slippery.
  • Super easy to install as unlike the Motorola Grip shell there’s no need to remove the back plate of the Moto G
  • Personally I like the cutouts for the power and volume rocker, other cases wrap over the buttons affecting their use.

Here’s a drop test video of the same case on a Nexus 5:

The Bad

  • The thickness of the hard rubber (TPU) used in this case may put off those looking for slim cases.
  • The fit isnt as tight as the Grip Shell and there is some minor flex on the edges.


If you’re after a case that protect your phone from a drop onto concrete and don’t might it being slightly chunky. This is the one for you.


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