Commandline Dropbox client

Looking for a simple way to upload files from your server to Dropbox without doing a full sync?

By using the script from Andrea Fabrizi your easily upload or download individual files to and from Dropbox from the commandline


Download the script from github with wget


Make it executable

chmod +x

Run the dropbox_uploader script ./ and it’ll print out the below:

This is the first time you run this script.
Please open this URL from your Browser, and access using your account:


If you haven't already done, click "Create an App" and fill in the
form with the following data:

App name: MyUploader888
Description: What do you want...
Access level: App folder or Full Dropbox

Now, click on the "Create" button.

When your new App is successfully created, please type the
App Key, App Secret and the Access level:

# App key: 

Open up the url in your browser, sign into Dropbox and click the Create an app button

Fill in the app name as listed by the script, select ‘Core’ and ‘App folder access’ (this will create a folder call /App/MyUploader888 in your Dropbox director. If you want to access all files in your Dropbox select ‘Full Dropbox’

Dropbox will now show you your API details for this app, get the ‘App key’ and paste it into commandline

Then paste in the ‘App secret’ when requested

# App key: jxxxxxxxxxxxxxxp
# App secret: sxxxxxxxxxxxxxx4
# Access level you have chosen, App folder or Full Dropbox [a/f]: 

Select the access level and it’ll provide you with link to verify the app.

Open the link in your browser and Allow the app access

Your now setup to upload/download individual files from the command line to and from Dropdox


To upload a file from your server to Dropdox just run

./ upload

If you have selected the Full Dropbox access you can sepecify the folder location to upload to

./ upload /some/folder/

Other commands available are download which uses the same style as the uppload command, delete,list,info and unlink

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